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Factory Wholesale Head Up Display 2.8inches Dual Mode Windshield Projector Car HUD Display for All Cars

Short Description:

Model No: MP-250HUD

Product Detail

Safety Just For You

Product Tags

Technical Parameter:

Working voltage range 9V~16V
Rated operating current ≤1A
Working temperature 30℃~85℃(TFT Screen working temperature)
Projection display brightness Daytime=500 cd/m
Nighttime(max)=200 cs/m2
Projection display transmittance 70%
Projection distance 1.8m
Projection display resolution 320*240
Screen contrast 400:1
Projection display pixelx size About 0.2*0.5mm
Depth of imaging unit 8bit
Projection display aspect ratio 3:4
TFT screen size 2.8inch
Optical magnification 2.5 times
Eye movable area 130*70mm
Projection display size About 9 inch
Device Size 215*200*175mm
Equipment life 2000hours(for LED)
Weight 1.2kgs
Projection display in/off time Less than 5s
Automayic brightness adjustment Support, light sensor inside

Main Feature:

When driving,system displays the “RUNNING SPEED’,”ATTENTION”,
“OVERSPEED” information on the windshield,avoiding hidden perilof
lowering your head to look the speedometer when driving on high speed. Product Character:
1.Speed by GPS satellites,power by cigarette,easy installation.
2.Touch key,no abrasion.
3.Adjustable brightness.
4.Working with parking sensor is optional.

MP-250HUD (1)
MP-250HUD (2)
MP-250HUD (3)

Minpn is a leading manufacturing and engineering company that markets complete automotive safety driving solutions. Our mission is to make the roads a safer place. We aim to protect and focus on improving drivers’ safety with the highest quality and advanced vehicle safety solutions. We adopt and utilize the most innovative Parking Assist System (also known as the Advanced Parking Guidance) to reduce pressure for drivers.

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