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We test 2022 Audi A3 and S3 sedans on mountain roads in Denver

What is better than testing the new Audi brand? How about driving through the mountain roads in Denver, Colorado? One word: opinion.
ESSENCE recently had the opportunity to drive 2022 A3 and S3 cars in Mile-High City. This is my first time in Denver, and the scenery, nearby attractions, and the ability of the weather to completely transform into a new season in an instant (Hey winter! Hello autumn!) left a lasting impression on me. However, what impressed me the most was the car. A3 has proved itself to be the car of choice for everyday drivers, and S3 is a sports version of A3, suitable for those who want to have fun on the road. Since this is not a car and a driver, I will provide you with a simple lifestyle version of a car review based on the features you might find the most useful of the two. Check out some of the highlights from my experience and the latest models of my favorite beloved cars.
I took them on the highest asphalt road in North America-Mount Evans Scenic Byway. I drove for four hours on flat ground, uphill, downhill and the return journey. I ride in sport mode in S3, which allows me to gallop on open roads while still embracing them. I never felt that I didn’t have the handlebars of the car, even if I increased my speed after it snowed. This is because the S3 has an upgraded braking system compared to the previous model.
Riding alone (of course because of the new crown pneumonia), thanks to the elite sound system, I was able to play my favorite music in extremely high quality and enjoy the surrounding environment. Whether I use SiriusXM satellite radio or synchronize my phone with Apple CarPlay, I feel that the music I hear is clearer than ever. This is all thanks to the 680-watt Bang & Olufsen? sound system, both models are equipped with 15 speakers and a 16-channel amplifier.
With the head-up display, the information I need is always in front of me, so I don’t have to look away from both models. Thanks to the display system, I always know how fast I am, next turn, and on which street I am navigating.
When I stop to admire the mountain scenery before and after snowfall, sometimes I stop in the park or just by the side of the road. When I do this, I feel safer than usual. In addition to the usual rear camera, the standard function of the A3 and S3 is the front camera. Whether it is parking or U-turning, it helps me avoid dangerous situations. I feel particularly comfortable on the S3. It has standard ultrasonic sensors not only on the front and rear bumpers but also on the sides. It allows me to take advantage of super cool parking assist features.
Driving for long periods of time with little rest, you may find yourself needing some help like me. This is where the adaptive cruise assist system provided by both models comes in. It maintains a preset distance from the vehicle in front of you and helps you stay in the center of the lane.
As tall as I am, I need space and a comfortable driving experience. I have never felt uncomfortable in A3 or S3 because the length, width and height of the latest models have all increased. Car enthusiasts and their passengers do not have cramped spaces, they stay comfortable in memory seats with full power capabilities.
No matter which color you choose to match, A3 and its S3 cousins ??have bolder designs than before, including sharp side carvings, grilles with honeycomb (A3) and diamond (S3) designs, strong characteristic lines and Engraving of the hood and matrix design LED headlights.
For the luxury experience offered by the two cars, their starting prices are very favorable: A3 is $33,900, and S3 is $44,900. Studies have found that women are loyal supporters of A3, but you will not lose whether it is a daily car or a sports S3.
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