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Vehicle head up display factory cheap GPS hud durable head-up display system with OBD cable for all vehicle

Short Description:

Model No: MP-251HUD

Technical parameter:
1.Working voltage:DC10~18V
2.Working current:<700mA(12V DC)
3.Circuit protection:wrong connection,overvoltage,transient high voltage
4.Working temperature:-20℃~+75℃
5.Buzer volume:≥75db
6.Speed precision:1 km/h
7.Speed display range:0km/h~199km/h

Product Detail

Safety Just For You

Product Tags

Main Feature:

When driving,system displays the “RUNNING SPEED’,”ATTENTION”,”OVERSPEED” “TECHOMETER”"FUEL COMSUMPTION”information on the windshield,avoiding hidden perilof
lowering your head to look the speedometer when driving on high speed.

Product Character:
1.Use OBD communication protocols
2.Touch key,no abrasion.
3.Adjustable brightness,LED brightness value reaches 800 CD/M2

A?head-up display,also known as a?HUD?, is any?transparent display?that presents data without requiring drivers to look away from their usual viewpoints. The origin of the name stems from a?pilot?being able to view information with the head positioned “up” and looking forward, instead of angled down looking at lower instruments. A HUD also has the advantage that the pilot’s eyes do not need to?refocus?to view the outside after looking at the optically nearer instruments.

How does Minpn control quality?

Quality always comes first.

  • 1.IQC inspects every new-coming materials according to AQL standard
  • 2.AOI auto inspects during SMT production
  • 3.Experienced workers produce and pack goods according to strict operational standards
  • 4.Professional QA/QC team to ensure the quality during every process especially technical testings
  • 5.Full inspection before delivery

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  • Quanzhou Minpn Electronic Co., Ltd 17years? fty offering Car Parking Sensors,Car Alarm System,Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS,BSM,PEPS,HUD ect. Pls don’t hesitate to text me at my whatsapp : +8618905058036 or email me at export3@minpn.com.We do hope to support your business.Thank you..

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