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Vehicle Ultrasonic Smart Car Parking Sensor System stable performance with most competitive price

Short Description:

Model No: MP-270LED

Technical Parameter:
Working voltage:9-16V
Working current:≤110mA
Control box size:84*51*21mm
Working temperature:-30 ℃~+70 ℃
Built in automatic recovery fuse in control box
4/6/8 sensors are optional

Product Detail

Safety Just For You

Product Tags


1)Intellectualized anti-interference analysis system, lower error report
2)No-ground detecting technology:the ultrasonic wave is flat shape.The smaller obstacle can not be detected so that system works very stably
3)Working stably under various temperature and environment
4)Circuit optimization,smaller vibrancy,more stable and accurate detection,Optimized software design can enable the system to detect closer objects.

Digital Display Vehicle Parking Sensor 4 Sensors with Sound Warning
Device is Black Color Sensors Are Colored According to the Color of Your Vehicle
Parking Sensor with Led Screen and Sound Warning
Parking Sensor with LED Display and Sound Warning?
Parking your vehicle has never been easier with LED Display and Sound Warning Parking Sensor.
Thanks to the digital LED screen, you will be able to see how far you have left, both visually and audibly, and you will be able to park your vehicle comfortably.
It is designed and produced to be used in all domestic, imported brands and models of cars.
12V reverse gear compatible.


Our products go through IATF16949 quality system and proceed exhaustive field tests in real world environments to ensure highest quality of auto safety electronic products. At the first beginning Minpn gained major market shares by providing the highest quality products and services to our partners in worldwide. Earning the trust from our partners has led Minpn to become the fastest growing parking sensor supplier on the market.

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